Mastering Your Voice Means:

01Mastering Vocal Skills: Alignment, Breath Support, Phonation, Resonance, Articulation

02Mastering Artistry: Sharing your authentic self, Musicality, Expression

03Mastering Performance skills: Stage Presence, Movement, Gestures, Audience Engagement

Become the artist you were born to be!

Weekly Voice Lessons

Wherever you like to sing - be your best


Chorus Singers: Learn how to make the most of your contribution within the ensemble!


Quartet Singers: Discover how to create the greatest impact, just being YOU!


Solo Singers: Be the performer you always wanted to be!

Ensemble Coaching - Level up

Quartet and Smaller Ensemble Coaching

We help you develop from where you are to help you reach your full potential!

You were MEANT for this!

Private Voice Lessons

Standard weekly lessons to develop vocal performance technique and repertoire. Periodic Recitals. Any style.

Quartet Coaching

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Vocal Projects

Vocal Coaching for whatever you're working on. Prepare for an event. Develop a particular technique. Your call, I'm here to help!

Chorus Coaching & Workshops

I'll work with you to design the perfect custom experience for your needs and goals.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Call or Email Today

Yep! Just let me know you're thinking about it and we can discuss your goals and how best to proceed!


We Create a Unique Plan

Depending on your goals, we will work together to create your pathway toward Mastering Your Voice in your chosen style.


Let the Coaching/ Lessons Begin!

Coaching and Voice Lessons are an exciting journey of self-discovery and skill development. And together, we're the team to get you there!

Singing is for LIFE Master Your Voice Your journey begins today!

Highest Recommendation

Mr. Chamberlain has a wide range of expert coaching skills and I am indebted for the training I received from him! I give the highest recommendation to Mr. Chamberlain for any singer, young or advanced, seeking training from an expert who combines kindness, attentiveness, and clarity with an excellent knowledge in the field of vocal technique, performance and artistry over a broad range of styles! You will enjoy!!


Meeting students where they are

His knowledge and ability to impart wisdom upon his students is unmatched. However, I believe his greatest strength is being able to meet his students exactly where they are. If you are looking for a voice teacher that will do their all to help you both as a singer and a person, Ted is the one for you!


Transformative Experience

Ted has the ability to explain whatever concept you’re working on in a variety of different ways until you understand. And my favorite part, repeats until it sticks. He is a kind, caring and oh-so-patient teacher who takes the time to listen to what you think needs ‘fixed’ and then makes sure you know, you’re not broken, while helping you find your optimal voice. Pedagogically his knowledge is above and beyond! You will have a transformative experience with Ted as he takes you on a journey to finding your voice!

Melanie McGuire

Everyone Loves Him

Ted Chamberlain has been a huge influence on my work as a singer, chorus director, and contest adjudicator for the Barbershop Harmony Society. In the ten years that I have known him, I have watched him work with singers of all ages and ability levels, including my daughter, and everyone loves him. As a teacher, he really goes the extra mile to help students achieve their goals. I would not be the musician I am today without him. If you are looking to build your skills and confidence as a singer, speaker, or performer, Ted is the guy!


Master Teacher

Ted Chamberlain is a master teacher, and I highly recommend him as a caring voice professional that has so many tools at his disposal you WILL learn and grow. The best part? Your journey together will be fun.

Donny Rose

Technique Through Artistry

I think his super-power is working technique through the lens of artistry. He helps the singer access all aspects of their music at whatever level they find themselves, beginner through advanced.

Donna Clarkson Stewart

Holistic Approach

Ted is holistic in his approach to the voice and the person and teaches in all three modes of learning (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) so EVERYONE "gets it". His concepts are simple, elegant, and effective. In my book, Ted is THE choice when it comes to learning about your voice.

Paul Ellinger

Masterful voice diagnostician

Once in a while, I reach an impasse in my personal vocal development that isn’t solved by coaches, or through my own knowledge bank. At those times, I schedule time with Ted. He is able to diagnose the trouble and give me the tools to move forward. Every time!

Anna Wright Chamberlain

The best thing to improve singing!

I took voice lessons nearly every week with Ted for a couple of years, and it was the best thing that I have ever done to improve my singing! There are things about singing that you can only learn through private lessons, and Ted’s way of teaching gives instant insight and dramatic improvement! Most of all he does it in a friendly encouraging atmosphere that is safe, fun, and energizing!

Mike Hatch

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