Ted Chamberlain: Renowned Vocal Coach and Educator

With nearly four decades of dedicated experience in voice coaching, Ted Chamberlain stands as a beacon of expertise in the world of vocal performance and education.

His journey in voice mastery and teaching began with a solid foundation in vocal performance and education from Seattle Pacific University, further solidified by achieving National Board Certified Teacher status.

Ted’s professional path is marked by significant roles, including being on the faculty at the national Harmony University, as well as a frequent faculty member at the Northwest Harmony College – known for their focus on barbershop harmony singing. This experience underscores his versatility and deep understanding of vocal techniques, transcending beyond singing to the broader spectrum of vocal communication.

His career spans more than 35 years as a voice teacher in various educational settings. Ted has also owned and operated a successful voice studio, further honing his skills in vocal training and business acumen. As a testament to his mastery of voice and performance, Ted has competed in international singing competitions a dozen times across three different voice parts, demonstrating his exceptional command of vocal versatility.

Ted’s impact as a teacher and coach is profound, having taught and mentored thousands in school choirs, church choirs, and barbershop choruses. The skills imparted in these settings are seamlessly applicable to speaking and presentation, a testament to the universality of his teaching approach.

His accolades include being named Teacher of the Year in 2021 and Barbershopper of the Year for the Evergreen District in 2016, recognition of his contributions to elevating singing across the Northwest. His students have achieved remarkable success, gracing stages on Broadway, opera houses, recording studios, and international tours.

Ted’s unique teaching methodology is characterized by his ability to simplify complex concepts, making learning accessible and engaging. This approach, coupled with a firm belief in the potential of every individual, enables him to effectively teach anyone to harness and optimize their vocal capabilities.

Whether coaching aspiring singers or guiding business professionals in aligning their voice with their brand, Ted Chamberlain’s wealth of experience, passionate teaching, and track record of success make him an unparalleled asset in the realm of voice coaching and vocal performance.


Benefits of Coaching for Speakers and Singers


Enhanced Clarity & Projection

Mastering your voice leads to clearer articulation and stronger projection, essential for both compelling singing performances and impactful public speaking.


Emotional Expression & Connection

A well-mastered voice conveys emotions more effectively, creating a deeper connection with audiences, whether it's moving them through song or engaging them in conversation.


Vocal Health & Longevity

Proper voice mastery involves using techniques that ensure vocal health, preventing strain and damage, thus enabling a long-lasting and sustainable use of your voice in any setting.


Versatility & Adaptability

Mastering your voice allows for versatility across different genres or speaking situations, adapting your tone, pitch, and style to suit various contexts, enhancing overall performance and communication.

P.A.S.S. Profile

Personal Authentic Speaking Style - Profile


Comprehensive Personal Insight

Unlock a deep understanding of your communication style and behaviors for more effective personal and professional interactions.


Enhanced Communication & Leadership Abilities

Boost your influence and leadership by adapting your communication to various audiences and situations.


Practical and Actionable Strategies

Implement immediate, effective strategies for ongoing improvement in communication and interpersonal relationships.



Our mission is to empower individuals to master their voice, enhancing their singing and speaking abilities through personalized coaching and comprehensive resources, fostering personal growth and universal enjoyment of vocal arts.




Ted's Voice Academy aims to be the premier center for vocal excellence, empowering a diverse community of singers and speakers to master their voice, express authentically, and make an impactful contribution to the world through their enhanced communication and performance skills.


Core Values


Empowerment: We believe in the potential of every individual's voice and are committed to unlocking this potential in singers and speakers alike.

Education: Our approach is rooted in clarity and accessibility, ensuring that the art and science of voice are comprehensible and attainable for everyone.

Community: We value the unifying power of voice, fostering connections and understanding in diverse groups through shared vocal experiences.

Growth Mindset: We embrace the journey of continuous improvement and encourage all to see the value in every step of their vocal development.

Authenticity: We champion genuine expression in all forms of vocal performance, helping individuals align their voice with their true self.

Fulfillment: We measure success by the joy and personal achievement our students experience through their vocal journey.

Passion: Our love for vocal arts drives us to inspire and instill the same enthusiasm in our students.

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