Vocal Coaching: Speaking & Singing

At Ted’s Voice Academy, we believe your voice shows who you really are, whether you’re speaking or singing. We teach you the basics of how to use your voice well, how to keep your audience interested, and how to be your true self when you talk or sing. Our academy focuses on two main areas: Speaking and Singing. They share some common skills, but they also have their own special techniques.

Whether you want to be a great speaker or a wonderful singer, we have the right training for you. Our website has two parts – one for Speaking and one for Singing. Choose the path that suits you, or explore both! Let’s start your journey at Ted’s Voice Academy to master your voice in the way you choose.


Tailored instruction based on your goals and needs.


Workshops crafted to develop fundamental skills in a group setting.


Customized developmental opportunities for businesses and organizations.

Discover your unique communication style and elevate your professional interactions with the PASS Profile, a personalized tool designed to enhance your speaking effectiveness.
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Mastering Your Voice: The Ted's Voice Academy Advantage

Ted’s Voice Academy uniquely blends vocal and performance skills training with the discovery of your authentic vocal identity. Our holistic approach ensures singers and speakers alike master their voice, embodying confidence and authenticity in every performance and presentation.

Conquering Vocal Challenges

01Cultivate a distinct vocal style that’s authentic and consistent, whether speaking or singing

02Enhance projection, clarity, stamina and expression for commanding presence in any performance or presentation

03Overcome performance anxiety to connect genuinely with every audience, in song or speech.

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